Orange Tangent Study

A boutique consultant service created by


Kameelah Janan Rasheed

Sometimes, we must go on a tangent to get to where we need to go.



can be a

generative digression2

or an

abrupt change in course3

that introduces you to new ideas. Tangents are not 


; rather, they are invitations.

Orange Tangent Study is a


partner that supports tentacular, transdisciplinary, and agile approaches to developing your projects. Basically, we are playing together, looking together, and wandering together

We enjoy working with individuals and teams interested in designing generative experiences across all environments (a classroom, your living room, a church, a museum, a book/the page, etc.). 

Orange Tangent Study does not have clients; we have co-learners or study buddies. Come learn and study with us!

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2 // 

Moving beyond learning as something to be completed and something only possible within “classrooms,” I mean learning as a process of radical slowing down/deceleration in the context of almost compulsory acceleration under the current conditions; an attentiveness to a velocity that allows for a patient and nuanced reading; an engagement with curiosity, serendipity, improvisation, and tangents. Learning is a persistent reminder of the shifting ecologies of what it means to know something.

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