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Orange Tangent Study (OTS), was founded in 2020 by Kameelah Janan Rasheed. 

OTS is your
partner. We are a consulting business supporting cultural producers in designing materials, experiences, and systems for expansive learning.

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Using the before, during, and after birth framework of doula work, we support our clients through long-term coaching, short-term intensives, learning design (curriculum, syllabi), our resource library, and seasonal workshops.

Through these offerings that center values alignment, edges of curiosity, resource audits, and strategic planning, we seek to not only support the birth of your project; we are committed to its sustainability.

Interested in studying with us?
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But, why a tangent?

can be a generative digression that invites
or an abrupt change in
that introduces you to new ideas.

Tangents are not
rather, they are offerings.

Sometimes, you must go on a tangent to get to where you need to go.

At OTS, we coach, design, and facilitate toward the tangent. A tangent is a form of waywardness – as Saidiya Hartman reminds us:

“The unregulated movement of drifting and wandering [...] ambulatory possibility...”

Our approach invites you to get out of your way to see what else is possible with a bit of wandering.